The Excellence of the Groom Suits: The Morning Suit

The Morning suit is historical, is considered the suit for excellence in matters of men's formal wear all over the world, unmistakable symbol of elegance for the wedding of your dreams.

Its first appearance was in England in the nineteenth century, used by cavalry as their official dress and by knights; the use by these two categories of people is due to the fact that the jacket, opened in the back, it was very comfortable for riding in the saddle.
Nowadays the Morning Suit is exclusively used for ceremonies, strictly in the morning. Its use is tied to a whole protocol “Morning Dress Code” that those who decide to buy a suit of this kind must should know. The protocol states that if the groom wears a Morning suit, even the father of the newlyweds and the witnesses must wear a Morning suit.
Until a few years ago the only admitted model was the classic morning suit: black jacket, gray and black striped trousers, waistcoat matched to the suit, tie, stick and cylinder. In recent years the morning suit have become more modern, the grooms have more choice and it's more accessible and useful.

The morning suit of today can also be monochrome (jacket, trousers and vest), and this choice doesn't bind family members and friends in any way; the use of the stick and the cylinder is optional and the tie may be replaced by a tie wide 10,5 cm or an ascot.

The one colored morning suit ranging from gray to blue in different shades, but 2015 will be marked by a completely new morning suit: the morning suit in Prince of Wales, elegant and whimsical at the same time.

The waistcoat is the accessory that usually distinguishes the groom from the other guests, and even in the morning suit there are several possibilities that you can also find in other types of suit: simple 5 buttons waistcoat, normal double-breasted and asymmetric double-breasted; after choosing the waistcoat, it's necessary to enrich the suit with other accessories: chain, cufflinks, tie or cravat, handkerchief, pin.

The color of the waistcoat will vary depending on the impression you want to give to the general presentation:
  • Classical waistcoat for a traditional ceremony: black with white profiles
  • Traditional ceremony with a touch of color: pearly white or pearl gray waistcoat
  • A touch of Brit color: colors such as green, red, dark blue and so on
  • To give a touch of luxury and nobility: waistcoat in pure jacquard silk
  • Alternative vintage wedding: black jacket with waistcoat and trousers in "hound’s-tooth" or “Prince of Wales”.
The next accessory to choose after the 3 basic pieces of the suit is the shirt. The shirt for the morning suit can be "double twisted" cotton, smooth satin, micro patterns or a cotton satin. Preferably double cuff for cufflinks, one of the most stylish accessories in men's formal wear.
If you want to give a touch of color, it's allowed to use light blue shirts or other soft colors with a contrasting white collar. In any case, the collars for a shirt to combine with a morning suit can be: wing or tuxedo, but you should never match a wing collar with a tie; or classic collar with tie or ascot.
Regarding the ascot or tie, there are no limits for the color, especially if it's a monochrome morning suit; this accessory is extremely personal, and the choice is only by the groom: solid color, micro patterns, geometric patterns, stripes, brocade and so on. The choice of the tie or the ascot denotes a large part of the personality of a man.

An accessory that is still present, although many people think it's only useful by older men, are the suspenders. Regarding its utility, the suspenders serve to keep up and straight the trousers of men with a little or a lot of belly, for avoid the formation of anti esthetic pleats on the shoe. Today is a trendy accessory, reinterpreted in different patterns and colors.
The shoes to match with a morning suit can be of two types: Oxford in shiny black scalp for the classic morning suit with black jacket and striped trousers; Derby for the morning suit of one color, even dark brown. These are two extremely stylish and of quality models that represent the purest style Gentleman. One important tip: always scratch the leather sole to prevent slipping.

The accessories that many grooms choose not to use are the cylinder and the stick, which derive from the English culture. In England it often rains and the gentlemen always wore a hat and had an umbrella in case of sudden rain, hence the transformation of the cylinder and stick in elegant accessories for the groom who wears a morning suit.
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